Bhola a coastal district of Bangladesh

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Bhola Districtis an administrative district of Barisal division in south-central Bangladesh. Bhola Island is located in the district which is the largest island of Bangladesh. It is located in the Barisal Division and has an area of 3737.21 km². It is surrounded by Lakshmipur and Barisal Districts to the north, the Bay of Bengal to the south. About 400 mmcf natural gas has been found at Kachia in Bhola which is currently using to run a power station. The total population of the district is 1703117 with the majority of Muslims Main rivers are meghna, tentulia and Ganeshpura River. Char fasson is the largest and Burhanuddin is the smallest Upazila of the district.
Bhola is the largest and one island district of Bangladesh located in the south western part of the country. The island was formed with the sediment carried by the three big rivers Padma, Meghna and Bhramaputra came from the Himalayan. The area is nearly 12 feet above the sea level. The region is average 12 feet above from the sea level. Approximately 1325 AD, the region was started to formed. According to the writer J C Jack, in 1300 ADcultivation was started in the region. The area was occupied by John D silabera, Portuguese pirate. There are not enough documents about naming the city. Some historians think that Bhola was named after a boatman Bhola Gazi patni who ferried people by boats. During the British Raj Bhola sub division was established under the administration of Barisal district. It was upgraded to a district on 1 February 1984. In 1970 the region faced a devastating cyclone which created a havoc destroying many lives and property. 121 freedom fighters were killed in an encounter with the pak army at guinger hat. After the war of liberation the freedom fighters renamed tonir hat as Banglabazaar. In December the area was independent by the surrender of the pak army.

The Literacy Rate of Bhola district is average 43.30%. There are 7 colleges, 264 secondary schools, 257 Madrasa. Noted educational institutions are : Bhola Govt. College (1962), Tazumuddin Degree College (1989), Burhanuddin Girls Degree College (1995),Chandpur Model Govt. Primary School (1943), Bhola Darul Hadith Alia Madrasa, Illisha Fatemia Balika Dakhil Madrasa, Girls High School (1928), Chandpur Govt High School (1952), Daulat Khan Govt. Girls High School (1968), Fazilatunnesa Girls School (1972), Lalmohan Govt. Shahbazpur College, Daulat Khan Govt High School (1916).
Main sources of income is Agriculture 63.64%, non-agricultural labourer 4.95%, commerce 12.67%, %, service 5.74% and others.
Famous Tourist attractions in Bhola District are including Monpura, Bhola Shishu Park, Bhorhanuddin helipad, Shabazpur Gas Field, Birsresta Mostafa Kamal Museum, Kheaghat Bridge, Monopura Island, Graveyard of Tofayel Shah, Kobi Mozammel Hoque Gateway etc.

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