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ComillaZilais a district of Bangladesh of Chittagong division located about 100 kilometres south east of Dhaka, geo location is  between 23°02′ and 24°47′ north latitudes and in between 92°39′ and 91°22′ east longitudes. Comilla is surrounded by Brahmanbaria and Narayanganj districts to the north, Noakhali and Feni to the south, Tripura of India to the east. There are 16 upazilas in comilla. Total area of comilla is 3085.17 square kilometres and the population is 4595557. Main rivers are meghna, gumti, dakatia, littlefeni, Buri and carjon canal.


The ancient comilla was under the Samatata and later became a part of the Tripura state. In the 9th century the district came under the control of the king harikela. During the eleventh century the area was ruled by Chandra dynasty. During the British period the area was established as tipper district. It was named comilla in the mid-19th century and Chandpur and Brahmanbaria was the sub division. Established as the Tippera or Tipperah district of Bengal by the British in 1790,[2] it included the Sub-divisions of Brahmanbaria and Chandpur which eventually became separate districts in 1984.The district was renamed Comilla in 1960. Comilla district is located in the south eastern part of Bangladesh. Lalmai and Mainamati were once ruled by Deva dynasty during the 18Th century. It came under the rule of East India Company in 1765 and was established as Tripura district in 1790. Many important and histoprical movements like Peasants Movement (1764), Anti Partition Movement (1905), Mass Movement (1969) etc are the notable chapters of the region. The general people of the upazila killed three members of the Pak EPR by beating in the Shashidal EPR Camp. Pak army established camps at nearby villages of and killed more than one hundred persons. They buried them in mass graves. The pak army killed many innocent people in collaboration with the razakars in debidwarupazila. In an encounter 200 razakars were killed by the freedom fighters. On 11 December, a frontal battle took place between the freedom fighters and the Pak army in Chandinaupazila where about 1400 Pak soldiers surrendered to the freedom fighters. There are many mass graves found in comilla like huiya Bari of Uttar Chandla and house of Prabad Kumar Das of DakshinChandla, at a place near the Homna Degree College,ashimpurShashan (cremation centre) of Chandina, MahichailBaroipara and KongaiBarabari.

Literacy rate in the district is 49% and increasing. There are many educational institutions in comilla including 4 medical colleges, 67 colleges, 519 secondary schools and 2133 primary schools. Prominent educational institutions are including Comilla Victoria University College (1899), ComillaZila School (1837),,Ramchandrapur High School (1918), DebidwarReazuddin High School (1918),urichangAnanda Pilot High School (1925), Homna Pilot High School (1929).


The main economy of comilla is agriculture and other important sectors are cottage industries like the special khadi textile. There is a export processing zone (EPZ) in comilla employing over 20000 peoples.

Popular visiting places are including Kotbari, a military installation, Ancient Buddhist monastery, Second World War cemetery, Mainamati War Cemetery. The matrivandarrasogolla is the most popular sweet item of the country.

Prominent personalities are including KaziNazrul Islam and his wives Promila Devi and Nargis, hailed from comilla.

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