Dhaka District- The Oldest City Of Bangladesh

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Dhaka District is a district in central Bangladesh and the most importantand densest district in the nation. It is a part of the Dhaka Division. It is the capital city of Bangladesh, rests on the eastern banks of the Buriganga River flowing from the Turag to the south of the district. The administrative Dhaka is sectioned under two city corporations and they occupies only a fifth of the area of Dhaka. The district is the centers of economic, political and cultural enter of the country. Total population of the city is 8511228 with 4712330 male and 3798898 female. Dhaka municipality was established in 1864 and later upgraded to City Corporation in 1990. Dhaka city has 5 upazilas and 41 police stations.


The administrative Dhaka District was first established in 1772 but the urbanization started from t6he 7th century. Savar was the capital of the Sanbagh kingdom during the 7th and 8th century.  Buddhist kingdom of kamarpura and the Pala Empire ruled the area before passing the control to Hindu sena dynasty in the 9th century. There is a common belief that the name of the city was derived after the establishment of Dhakeshwari’s temple by Ballal Sena in twelve century. After the HIndu Sena dynasty, Dhaka was ruled by the Turkish and Afghan governors from the Delhi Sultanate before the arrival of the Mughals in 16th century. During the Mughal reign the area was popular for textile products specially muslin. The city was proclaimed the capital of Bengal under Mughal rule in 1608. Mughal subahdar Islam Khan was the first administrator of the city who named the town “Jahangir Nagar” in honor of the Mughal emperor Jahangir.Under Mughal general Shaista Khan the city was measured as 19 by 13 kilometres (12 by 8 mi), with a population of about a million people. The British took over the control of the city in 1757 after winning the battle of plassey. After the battle the population if the city started to reduce. During the partition of Bengal Dhaka was the capital of newly formed eastern Bengal and assam. Following the partition of Bengal in (1947) Dhaka became the capital of east Bengal as the part of Pakistan. Dhaka received thousands of Muslim immigrants from Calcutta and Calcutta received thousands of Hindu immigrants from the city. In 1952 the adaption of urdu as the official language of east Pakistan led to protest. During the protest police fired and killed innocent students who were moving peacefully.

Dhaka district is the commercial heart of Bangladesh with a large number of middle class populations. Many skilled workers are employed in the businesses and industries located in the city. The city is an attraction of a large number of migrant workers from all over the country. A large number of workers are employed in the textile sector. The main business areas of the city are Motijheel, Panthapath and Gulshan. Bashundhara City is a recently developed economic area that houses many high-tech industries and corporations. Bashundhara City shopping mall is the largest shopping mall of south Asia.


The historical Dhaka is situated on the bank of the river. There are many tourists attractions in the city including the Lalbagh Fort, the Stat Mosque, and the Ahsan Manzil Palace Museum.The city of Dhaka was predominantly a city of the Mughals, whose rulers built several palace, mosques and katrias. Dhaka’s finest specimen of this time is the Aurangabad Fort, which is known as Lalbagh Fort, incomplete but well worth for visit.

There are many popular and noted educational institutions in Dhaka including the Dhaka University, Dhaka medical college bangladesh university of engineering and technology, jahangirnagar university and many private universities.

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