Feni The Second Best Area In Terms Of Gross National Income

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Feni is a district of Chittagong division of Bangladesh. The district has an area of 928sq km with the population of 1,437,371, making it the ninth-most populous district in Chittagong Division. Among them there are male 353201, female 345246; Muslim 549702, Hindu 148339, Buddhist 186, Christian 21.The district is constituted with six upazilasChhagalnaiya, Daganbhuiyan, porshuram, Fulgazi, fenisadar and sonagazi. It is bordered by the comilla district and tripura state of India on the north, noakhali and chittagong to the south and Noakhali district on the west. Feni subdivision was established in 1976 and later upgraded as a district in 1986. Sonagazi is the largest upazila of the district.

According to Bangladesh Bank, the district is ranked second in nation in terms of gross national income (GNI) and possession of wealth.


The original name of the district was Shamshernagar, which served as aupazila under the district ofNoakhali until it was upgraded to a district.It is now one of the 11 districts of Chittagong division. During the war of liberation in the shuvapur bridge 20 pak soldiers were killed by the freedom fighters. Pak army took control over the feni district in april. On May 1971 freedom fighters attacked the pak army base at kalapur. In a front battle at Durgapur and sinhanagar of chagalnayaupazila 300 pak soldiers were killed. 50 pak soldiers were killed in a battle at bandhua bridge of fulgaziupazila. After several encounter and front battle feni was liberated on 6 December 1971 few days before the victory of the country. There are 10 Memorial monuments (Chhagalnaiya 2, Sonagazi 8); 7 mass killing site (Fenisadarupazila) and one mass grave (Fenisadarupazila).

Literacy rate of the district is 54%. Noted educational institutions are including Feni P.T.I (1957), Feni Polytechnic Institute (1962), Feni Teacher’s Training College (1963),Parshuram Government College (1972), Government Commerce College (1965),Amirabad B.C Laha High School (1917), Feni Central High School (1919), Nawbabpur High School (1923), Bishnupur High School (1925), Feni Model High School (1927),S.C High School (1911), Mangalkandi High School (1912), Chhagalnaiya High School (1915), Feni Girls’ Cadet College (2004), Feni Government Pilot High School (1886), Munshirhat Ali Azam High School (1906),Feni Government Girls’ High School (1910), , JoypurSarojini High School (1917),SonagaziFazil Madrasa (1918), GobindapurChhiddikiaFazil Madrasa (1920), Feni Alia Madrasa (1923).

The main folk cultures of the district are riddle,folk belief, Jatra, Mantra-tantra, Bhatiali,  poem, KhanarBachan, folk tale, Rakhali, Marfati and Murshidi songs in local dialects.

Remarkable personalities from the district are including Shah Syed Amir UddinPaglaMiah/Baba( R) (regarded as founder of feni), Begum Khaleda Zia (former Prime Minister), Sir A. F. Rahman (the first Muslim Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University), Dr. Mustafa Chowdhury (former Public Service Commission Chairman), A. B. M. Musa, Gias Kamal Chowdhury, IqbalSobhanChowdury, IqbalBaharChowdhury, National press club president Kamal UddinSobuj, Columnist MasudMajumder, Former FBCCI President and Founder Chairman of North South University M A Kashem, Novelists Shahidullah Kaiser and JahirRaihan, Renowned actor ShomiKaisar, Language martyr Abdus Salam and many others.

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