Jhenaidah- a district in southwestern Bangladesh

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Jhenaidah is a district in southwestern Bangladesh and a part of the Khulna Division. It has an area of 1964.77 km² with the population of Total 1579490. It is bordered by the Kushtia District to the north, Jessore to the south, west Bengal to the east and West Bengal (India) on the west. The geo location of the district is in between 23°13′ and 23°46′ north latitudes and in between 88°42′ and 89°23′ east longitudes. Main rivers are including gorai, kumar, nabaganga, chitra, bhairab, kobadak, Kannadaha and others. It has 6 subdivisions named- Jhenaidah Sadar, Mohespur, Court-Chandpur, Harinakunda, Shyalkupa and Kaligonj with 67 administrative Unions, 882 and 1144 Villages. Jhenaidah sadar is the largest Upazila and kotchandpur is the smallest upazila of the district.


In the beginning of British rule the district was a police post and later turned into a Thana in 1793 and the sub division was established in 1862. It was later upgraded to a district after the independence of Bangladesh in 1984. Jhenaidah is the 5th district among the 10 district of Khulna division and 34th among the 64 district of the country. The district is the gateway of the southern part of the country. The previous name of the region was Gangadighi currently named Boro Bazar which was a part of India and had been a famous port. In Greek history it is mentioned that the famous muslin of Bengal had been exporting from this port of jhenaidah. Many historical movements like Indigo resistance movements (1860), Peasant Movement, Fakir- Sannayashi Movement etc are the remarkable chapters of the region. The area experienced killing, arsenal and other crimes during the liberation war of Bangladesh. In an encounter between the pak army and the freedom fighters in kalikanj upazila where 200 freedom fighters were killed and more than 100 were wounded. Around 150 to 200 freedom fighters were killed in another encounter in the area of dulalmundia upazila. There are 7 mass grave and 3 killing sites in the district.

Average literacy rate of the district is 44.7%. There is one university, 54 colleges, 304 secondary schools and 804 primary schools. Noted educational institutions are Islami University, Government KC College (1960), Jhenaidah Cadet College (1963), Mahtab Uddin Degree College (1966), Jhenaidah Government High School (1877), Naldanga Bhusan Pilot Secondary School (1882), Shailkupa Pilot High School (1893),Maheshpur High School (1863), Harinakunda Priyanath High School (1872) etc.

Main source of income of the district is agriculture and other sources are including commerce 14.24%, transport and communication 3.83%, service 4.93% and others.

Notable personalities from the district are Birshrestha Hamidur Rahman, National hero, Abdul Hyee also known as Md.Abdul Hyee, freedom fighter and commander during the Bangladesh Liberation War, Jamal Nazrul Islam, a Bangladeshi mathematical physicist and cosmologist


Tourist spots are including Datanagor Agricultural Project, Shyalakupa Sahi Mosque, Shrine of Pagla Kanai, Naldanga Temple Complex, Shiddeshary Kali Mondir, Home of K P Bose, Dhol Samudra Lake, Home of Poet Golam Mostafa etc.

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