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Joypurhat district is under the region of Rajshahi division of Bangladesh. The total area of the region is 965.44 sq km and the geo location is in between 24°51′ and 25°17′ north latitudes and in between 88°17′ and 88°55′ east longitudes. Total population of Joypurhat district is 846696. It is surrounded by dinajpur district on the north, naogaon and bogra on the south, gaibandha districts on the east, Naogaon and west bengal state of India on the west. Main rivers are little jamuna, Tulsi Ganga, Harabati. Administration of joypurhat was a sub division under Bogra district and it was upgraded to a district in 1984. There are five upazilas of the district and they are Akkelpur, kelai, kheltal, Panchbibi and joypurhay sadar. Among the five sub divisions of the district, panchbibi is the largestand akkelpur is the smallest upazila.


Joypurhat was an area of the sena dynasty and Pala Empire from a long age. Till 16th and 17th centuries there was no clear information about joypurhat. The earlier name of the district was Baghabarihat and later called Gopendraganjahat as seen in many archives. There were many Neelkuthi established in joypurhat. In small jamuna river gorge the whole travel, commerce and trade were happened. During that time Lalbazar Thana, Khetlal Upazila & Badalgachhi Upazila wasunder the administration of dinajpur district.during the British period eight railway line were built in the present joypurhat. The main railway station was named Baghaibari railway station which was later replaced by the name joypurhat railway station. During the war of liberation Joypurhat was under the sector 7. On 23 march the flag of the independence of Bangladesh was hoisted at joypurhat sadar. On April 20 the pak army raided the Panchbibi bazar and killed many people and set many places on fire. A battle was fought between the freedom fighters and the pak army in Ayesha rasulpur union of Panchbibi upazila where 24 pak soldiers were killed. They also set the Bazar on fire. A battle was fought between the freedom fighters and the Pak army in Ayesa Rasulpur union of Panchbibi upazila in which 24 Pak soldiers were killed. The pak soldiers killed about 371 people at bamboo union of joypurhat sadar upazila.

Joypurhat is called the store- house of food of Bangladesh. The district is heavily dependent on agricultural products and mostly based on seasonal crops & fruits like Rice, Potato, Wheat, Onions, Mango, Jackfruits, Banana etc. there are also a lot industries like rice mill, poultry.

Average literacy rate of the district is 49.5%. Noted educational institutions are including Nangapirhat SA Bilateral Fazil Madrasa (1928), Baniapara Madrasa (1936), Joypurhat Government Women’s College (1972), Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College (2006), Uchai Jerka Adivasi High School (1925), Teghar High School (1940), Khanjanpur High School (1901), Haripur High School (1917), Khanjanpur Mission Girl’s High School (1919),Ramdeo Bajla Government High School (1946), Joypurhat Government Girls’ High School (1977), Karai Nurul Huda Aliya Madrasa (1926).


Tourist places are including Khasmahal Bhaban, Ber Amla Bershibaloy, Nandail Lake, Ashranga Lake, Bastob Puri, Graveyard of Mukshid Gazi, Pagla Dewan Mass Graveyard, Gopinathpur Temple, Shisu Uddyan, Nandail Lake, Ashranga Lake, Joypurhat Cadette College, English Market etc.

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