Khagrachhari district one of the three hill tract districts of Bangladesh

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Khagrachhari is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh under the administration Chittagong Division and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Its local name of the district is “Chengmi”. Khagrachhari is also known as PhalangHtaung or the Mong Circle. Khagrachhari town is the home town of the Mong Chief who is the head of the Arakanese descendants living in the circle. It also is the administrative headquarters of Khagrachhari district. The geo location of the area is located in between 22°38′ and 23°44′ north latitudes and in between 91°44′ and 92°11′ east longitudes. It is surrounded by the tripura state of India on the north, rangamati and chittagong on the south, Rangamati on the east, Chittagong and Tripura state of India on the west. Total, population of the area is 525664 in an area of 2700sq km. Khagrachori local govt council was built in 1989 to uphold the social, educational and political right to expedite the process of social economic development. There are 9 upazilas in the district DighinalaUpazila, KhagrachhariUpazila, LakshmichhariUpazila, MahalchhariUpazila, ManikchhariUpazila, MatirangaUpazila, PanchhariUpazila, RamgarhUpazila, GuimaraUpazila.


The Chittagong Hill Tracts along with Khagrachariwas once under the rule of the Tripura State. The Arakans and the Sultans ruled the region in different times before it came under the control of the British East India Company in 1760. Chittagong hill tracts were separated form Chittagong and declared as a new district for the advantage for revenue collection. The greater Chittagong hill tracts were divided into three separate circles named Mong circle, Chakma Circle and Bomang Circle and the mong circle was khagrachari. Like every places of the country khagrachari also experienced killing and arsenal led by the pak army. 17 pak soldiers were killed in ramgarhupazila in an encounter.

Most people of the district live on Jhum cultivation.There are many otherpeople of various professions like Teacher, Farmer, and Businessmen etc.NGO in Khagrachhari like UNDP, ParbatyaBouddha Mission (PBM), is working for the socio-economic, educational and cultural development of the poor people in the Khagrachhari Hill District of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh.

Khagrachhari 2

Literacy rate in khagrachari is 41%. Among the educational institutions Khagrachhari Govt. College, established in 1975. The college is now established on 8.5 acres of land in a beautiful natural environment close to the starting of theKhagrachhari town beside the main road of the hilly district. KhagrachhriCantonmet public school and college was established in 2006,Khagrachharigovtgirls high school established in 1985, a renowned school for girls in Khagrachhari with high qualified teaching staff.

Folk cultures are including Biju festival of the Chakma, Sangri festival of the Marma and the Baisabi festival of the Tripura are most notable.

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