Lakshmipur- a district from the south eastern part of the country

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Lakshmipur district is an administrative district of south eastern part of Bangladesh under the division of Chittagong. It has an area of 1367.59 sq km with the population of 1798000. It is surrounded by Chandpur to the north, Bhola and Noakhali to the south and Barisal and Bhola to the west. The geo location of the area is in between 22°30′ and 23°10′ north latitudes and in between 90°38′ and 90°01′ east longitudes. Main rivers are Meghna, dakatia, Katakhali. Subdivision of Lakshmipur was established in 1979 and later turned into a district in 1979. The district is constituted with 5 upazilasLakshmipurSadarUpazila, Raipur Upazila, RamganjUpazila, RamgatiUpazila and KamalnagarUpazila.


Lakshmipur district is a district from the south eastern part of the country. The lakshmipur region was the part of the Bhulua kingdom at the beginning of the 13th century. It is said that there was a military outpost during the British East India period. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century this region was used to produce many products to export like high quality fabrics and cotton and huge quantity of salt. The East India Company used to control the trade. The people of the region played a big role in many important movements like indigo resistance movement, Sannyasi uprising, swadeshi movement etc. a great soul of the subcontinent Mahatma Gandhi visited through the district and stayed at KafilataliAkhra and at Sreerampur Royal Palace in Ramganj during the swadeshi movement. In june 1926 our national poet Kazinazrulislam visited the district. A silver plate and a silver cup were presented during that time on behalf of the inhabitants of the town. Current lakshmipur district was formed in 1984 after the war of liberation.

During the liberation war the freedom fighters of Lakshmipur launched an attack on the Pak army at Ramganj Road to destroy a Pak military convoy and a jeep. The freedom fighters launched a surprise attack on the Pak army at RahmatkhaliBridge near Lakshmipur town and killed 70 Pak soldiers were killed. On 25 October 70 paksoilders including major and 41 rangers were killed with a front battle with pak soldiers.

The main source of income of the district is agriculture, other sources are including non-agricultural laborer 3.19%, commerce 14.40%, transport and communication 3.58%, service 11.02% and others.


Notable personalities of the district are Mohammad Mohammadullah, (3rd President of Bangladesh,MohammadToaha, language activist of the Bengali, A. S. M. AbdurRab, Bangladeshi politician, Mohammad Noman, political leader of Jatiyo Party, SelinaParvin, (1931–1971), journalist and poet, martyr of Bangladesh War of Independence.

Tourist spots are like Meghna River, Upozilasader Mosque Bagbari, Archaeological heritage Tita Khan Jami Mosque, Zamindar house at Dalal Bazar, SrigovindaMahaprabhuJeuAkhra, Dalal Bazar Math, Khoa-sagor Lake etc.

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