Mymensingh District

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Mymensingh District

Mymensingh is one of the districts of Mymensingh division of Bangladesh. The area is bordered by Meghalaya state of Indiaon the north, Gazipur district on the south and on the east by districts of Netrokona and Kishoreganj, and sherpurjamalpur on the west. It has an area of 4363.48 sq km, located in between 24°15′ and 25°12′ north latitudes and in between 90°04′ and 90°49′ east longitudes. It is surrounded by Garo Hills and Meghalaya state of India on the north, gazipur on the south, netrokona on the east, sherpur, jamalpur and tangail districts on the west.Total population of the district is 4489726. Main rivers are old brahmaputra, Bhogai, Bajua, kangsa.


Mymensingh district was established during the British rule. The administrative headquarter of Nasirabad is known as the mymensingh town. The district is well known for the most covered well cultivable lands. The district was acquired by the eastIndia Company with dewani grant from the Mughal. At the time of Permanent Settlement, the region was included to the northwest garo hills and the Brahmandaria Subdivision of the Present Comilla district. Mymensingh is one of the old districts of the country. During the British rule most of the dwellers of the district were Hindu but from the early 20’s Muslims started to come and live there. The city played an important role establishing secularism in the country. The Vidyamoyee Uccha Balika Bidyalaya and Muminunnesa Women’s College contributed a lot educating Muslim girls. Many successful women of Bangladesh have born in Mymensing including the first women justice, High Court of Bangladesh, Justice NazmunAra Sultana. In 1947 during the partition many Hindus were gone to india. During the liberation war of Bangladesh it was remained free until 23 April, the place was deserted by Pakistani army on 10 December and the Muktibahini(freedom fighter) took over it on 11 December.  During the war of liberation Mymensingh faced mass killing, genocide and heavy fighting. On 27 Marchan encounter was held between the freedom fighters and the pak army. Several were killed and injured. On 23 april the pak army took control over the mymensingh and the same day the freedom fighters resisted pak soldiers in muktagacha. A battle was fought in trishalupazila and 50 pak soldiers were killed.

The Literacy Rate of Mymensingh district is 43.50%. noted educational industries are including KatlasenKaderiaKamil Madrasa (1890), Chargoadanga Senior Fazil Madrasa (1915), PachbagIslamiaFazil Madrasa (1921), SherpurIslamiaFazil Madrasa (1927), bangladesh agricultural university (1960), Ananda Mohan Government College (1908), Mymensingh Medical College (1968), Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College (1964),KandiparaAskar Ali High School (1906), Mahakali Girls’ School and College (1907),), BiraiTaltala Girls’ High School (1902), Edward Institution (1903), RadhaSundari Girls’ High School (1927),Muminunnesa Government Girls’ College (1959), MukulNiketan High School (1959), Vidyamoyee Government Girls’ High School (1873).


Main source of income of the district is agriculture.  Historical mymensingh was a great place for jute production. When polythene was started to produce jute production was gradually stopped. As Agriculture is the most important sector of this district and the growing market of fishes is making the businessman interested to invest there. The total area between Durgabari Road and Maharaja Road is known as the traditional shopping area. Other professions are including like, commerce, industry, services, construction etc.

Among the tourist places some of them are Bangladesh Agricultural University, Collection of JoynulAbedin, MuktagachaJamidar Bari, GaroHilltracts, Graveyard of NizamuddinAulia, Mymenshing Museum, Bijoypur, Anandamohan College, etc.

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