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Mymensingh is the shortest division of Bangladesh, located 120 kilometers north from the capital Dhaka. Mymensingh’s border side is covered by the Himalayan state of India. It is consisted of 4 districts and 34 Upazila and 35 union councils. The total population of mymensingh is more than 83 million. It was declared as a division in 2015. it is the third largest city and fourth-most populous area in Bangladesh. Density of the division is 1,074 /sq km and 44,458/sq km in the Mymensing city only,which is second density populated city in Bangladesh. Mymensingh attracts 25 percent of health tourists visiting Bangladesh. Mymensingh was pronounced as Momenshahi, referring to a ruler called Momen Shah. The city is known as the city of educational institutions as there are a large number of well-known institutions like Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute Mymensingh Medical College, JatiyaKabiKaziNazrul Islam University, Mymensingh Engineering College, MymensinghAnanda Mohan College, Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College, MymensinghMuminunnesa Women’s College, Women Teachers Training College, Notre Dame College,Mymensingh and Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam College.


Mymensingh is one of the old districts of Bangladesh and it was constituted by the British East India Company on 1 May 1787. The district headquarter of Mymensingh was situated at begunbari and later transferred to the mymensingh after a horrible flood. During the British rule most of the dwellers of the district were Hindu but from the early 20’s Muslims started to come and live there. The city played an important role establishing secularism in the country. The VidyamoyeeUcchaBalikaBidyalaya and Muminunnesa Women’s College contributed a lot educating Muslim girls. Many successful women of Bangladesh has born in Mymensing including the first women justice, High Court of Bangladesh, Justice NazmunAra Sultana. In 1947 during the partition many Hindus were gone to india. During the liberation war of Bangladesh it was remained free until 23 April, the place was deserted by Pakistani army on 10 December and the Muktibahini(freedom fighter) took over it on 11 December. 

Historical Mymensingh was well for the production of golden fiber jute. For the alternatives of jute like polythene the production of jute was stopped. Agriculture is the most important sector of this district and the growing market of fishes is making the businessman interested to invest there. The total area between Durgabari Road and Maharaja Road is known as the traditional shopping area. All types of religious festivals are celebrated here during the religious festival the inhabitants of Mymensingh division proved the brotherhood and the respect to each other. In the old times the area was mostly part of Vanga, which was a non-Aryan territory covering the eastern part of the Gangetic delta. The impact of Aryan-Brahmana culture was felt in Bengal and various non-Aryan people then living in Bengal were powerful. The spread of Aryan-Brahman culture was strongly resisted and the assimilation took longer. The Greek traveller Megasthenesvisited in Mymensing in 302 BC,and a map from hos book presents the entire Mymensingh area and much beyond in Kamarupa. In 4th century at time of Samudrsgupta’s rule was part of Gupta Empire. BallalSena divided his kingdom into five parts in the 12th century.

The Old Town Hall of the city was built by Maharaja Surya KantaAcharyya. The town hall had hosted thousands of drama, meeting and cultural functions since 1878. The old Town Hall was demolished in 2006 and is built as mymensinghpourasava. The regional centre of Pakistan Council in Mymensingh is now known as Bangladesh Parishad.After1971it was a government institution under the Ministry of Information and housed a public library with a large number of books and magazines with 35,656 volumes on all subjects. It also had a hall to hold literary and cultural functions. Till the 1980s, Bangladesh Parishad was the center and the hub of cultural activity of Mymensingh. The first ShahidMinar was built in 1958 at Amrita Babu Road and was relocated to the Town Hall premises around the mid-1990s.


The Town Hall became the hub for staging a play or drama andBahubrihi is one of the drama circles that haveplayed a key role in the drama since1970s. Singing was part of daily life for most people since the 19th century. MithunDey and Sunil Dharwere two popular music teacher while Sunil Dhar established a music school at Atharo Bari Building. There are five cinema halls in Mymensinghdivision. All the halls are very old but still active. Muslim Institute library has become the most popular public library in Mymensingh. The Bangladesh Parishad library died down in the 1980s. Alexandar Castle is a one of the most precious historical landmark of Mymensinghwhere Russian Grand Duke Boris, later Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose and others stayed for a few days.The “Alexandar Castle” is known as “LoharKutir” locally. Maharaja Surya KantaAcharya invited Grand Duke Boris of Russia and General Sir George White, and built it for his stay. Rabindranath Thakur also was in Alexandra castle for participating a citizen gathering. This earthquake-proof steel and timber building was built after the “Crystal Palace” or “Rang Mahal”, was completely destroyed by the “Great Bengal Earthquake” of 12 June 1897. The buildings had once contained innumerable works of art, artifacts, sculptures and antiques collected from all over the world. The MymensinghMuseum was established in 1969 and its collection comes from the palaces of zamindars of the greater Mymensingh region. The ZainulAbedin Museum was established in a house with The art gallery including the paintings of ZainulAbedin, a pioneer of the country’s modern art movement.

Great scientist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was born in Mymensing. The Oscar-winning Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray and Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee’s family hail from this district. TaslimaNasreen, the feminist writer and critic of Islam, well-known physician Dr. Sudhangsu Mohan Bhowmick and his late wife Ina (Guha) also hail from this district.

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