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Narsingdi is a district in central Bangladesh under the administration of Dhaka division. It is located 50 km north-east of Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh. The District is famous for its textile and craft industry. It is bordered by the Kishoreganj district in the north, Comilla in the south and Gazipur in the west. The area of the district is 1141 sq. km with a population of 2315000. It is consisted with 7 sub divisions Belabo Upazila, Monohardi Upazila, Narsingdi Sadar Upazila,,, Palash Upazila, Raipura Upazila, Shibpur Upazila, Madhabdi Upazila.


Historians said that a king named Narasingha ruled the region and in early fifteenth century the ancient king Narasingha established a small town named Narsinghpur in the west bank of the river Brahmaputra and the district was named after him over time. The region was included in Maheswardi Parganas. Narsingdi was included in Narayanganj sub-division as a police station under the administration of Dhaka district. In 1977, Narsingdi is promoted as a subdivision of Dhaka district and in 1984 Narsingdi was announced as a district under Dhaka Division. The area of Narsingdi district is 1150.14 Sq Km. The Geo position of the district is 23°46 to 24°14′ North Latitude and 90°35′ to 90°60′ East Longitude. During the war of liberation the pak army launched an attack on the town of narshingdi with rocket launcher and many were injured burning shops and houses. Heavy fighting was held in Narshingdi and at the end of October two freedom fighters were killed in an encounter at Chalandia village. In December the control of the area was regained by the freedom fighters.

Main sources of income are Agriculture 42.73%, industry 7.26%, commerce 17.84%, and service 10.55%. Narsingdi is known as industrial are and there are many textile and craft industries. some of the main rivers that flow through this district are The Meghna, the Shitalakshya, the old Brahmaputra, Arial Kha, Haridhoa, and Paharea are some of the main rivers that flow through this district.


Average literacy in the district is very low, it is 29.57%. Noted educational institutions are Narsingdi University College (1949), Narsingdi Mohila College (1955), Shaheed Asad Government College, Satir Kalikumar High School (1901), Balapur High School (1905), Khidirpur High School (1912), Shibpur High School (1918), Sir KG Gupta High School (1919), Narsingdi Government Girls’ High School (1934),  Charsindur High School (1919), (1930), Poradia Muslim High School (1930), Parulia High School (1933),Brahmandi Government High School Chalakchar High School (1933), Hatirdia High School.Adiabad Muslim High School (1912).

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