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Natore district is under the Rajshahi division with the area of 1896.05 sq km and total population of 698447. The area is located in between 24°25′ and 24°58′ north latitudes and in between 88°01′ and 88°30′ east longitudes. It is surrounded by the bogra on the north, pabna and kushtia on the south, sirajganj on the east, and rajshahi district on the west. Main rivers are padma, baral, Mara Baral, Baranai, Gurh, nagar. Chalan beel is a notable. Nature subdivision was established in 1845 and the municipality was formed in 1896. There are seven sub divisions of the district, Gurudaspur Upazila, Natore Sadar Upazila, Baraigram Upazila, Bagatipara Upazila, Lalpur Upazila, Singra Upazila, Naldanga Upazila.


At first Natore was a large water body known as beel. The ancient name of the region was Chaivhanga. In 1706 Raja Ramjibon Rai filled the beel and established his capital here. till 1821 Natore was the headquarter of Rajshahi district. Natore Mahakuma was establishedIn 1845 and Natore Municipality was established in 1869. The historical “Indigo resistance” movements took place in this district during 1859 and 1860. During the war of liberation in 1971 an encounter between the Pakistani occupation army and the freedom fighters took place in natore. in that battle of 29 March in which about 40 members of the Pakistani army including a Major and a captain. On 5 May 1971 Pakistani Army killed 42 employees of North Bengal Sugar Mills (Lalpur) including the then General Manager of the mill. In a battle at Moyna of lalpur upazila 80 freedom fighters were killed and 32 were wounded. Pak army killed 100 civilians including Dilip Kumar Sarkar, Dr. Monindra Nath Sarkar and Nabaram Mazumder on 19 April. There are 5 mass graves in the district as the marks of the war.

Average literacy rate of Natore is 41.6%. noted educational institutions are including Dash Gram Siddiqia Alia Madrasa (1945), Dhanaidaha Fazil Madrasa (1957), Shikarpur Alia Madrasa (Gurudaspur Upazila), Gopalpur Paura Technical and BM College (2002), Chauddagram High School and College (1913) (Singra Upazila), Takinagar Ideal High School and College (1994), Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daulah Government College (1965), Beel Chalan Shahid Shamsuzzoha College (1969), Kalam Degree College, Lalpur College, Gopalpur Degree College,Dighapatia PN High School (1852), Natore Maharaja Gagadindra Nath High School (1884), Lalor High School (1901), Kalam High School (1924), Chak Nazirpur High School (1925), St. Louis High School (1959), Bagatipara Pilot High School (1959), St Joseph High School (1963),Jigri High School (1959), Naba Bidhan Girls’ High School (1967), Cantonment Public High School (1975).

Main economy of the area is Agriculture 41.75%, others are like agricultural laborer 28.84%, and others. There are many mills and industries in nature specialy crops related like rice, paddy or sugar. There are 2 sugar mills, food manufacturing of pran, private industry of jamuna group. There are many haat and bazaars in the district and many traditional fairs are held in various spots of the district.


Nature district has many places to be visited. Historical attractions are included Natore Rajbari, Uttara Gonobhaban, Chalan Beel (mini Cox-bazar), Pagla Raja’s Palace (jubo park), Natore Adhunik Stadium, Maharaja’s Palace, Pran-Agro Limited, Chalan Beel and St.Merry Catholic Church which is situated at Boraigram.

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