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Rajbari District of Dhaka division is in the area of 1118.8 sqkm,geo location is between 22°40′ and 23°50′ north latitudes and in between 89°19′ and 90°40′ east longitudes. It is bordered bypabna district on the north, faridpur and magura on the south, manikganj on the east, kushtia and jhenaidah districts on the west. Most of the areas of the district are blessed with the composition of the alluvial soil of the padma. Total population of the area is 951906 with 489557 male and 462349 female. It id consisted of 4 upazilas(sub division of a district) and they are Goalanda, Baliakandi, Pangsha, Rajbari Sadar.


Most historians think that Rajbari was named after the renowned ruler Raja Surjo Kumar Guha Roy who established his large palace or rajbari in the district. There was no doubt that the district was named after a Royal Palace. Most of the region of the district was made by sediment of mighty Padma River. Historical Records show that the whole area was under the jessore district and later it was included in Faridpur district. When Goalanda subdivision was formed in 1871, Pangsha and Rajbari were included with it and headquarter was established at Rajbari. In 1883 Rajbari was developed to a sub district and upgraded into a municipality in 1923. After the liberation of Bangladesh, in 1984 Rajbari was declared as a district. In 1971 sangramparishad was formed in rajbari district. In the encounters between the freedom fighters and the pak army held on 21 and 22 april in 1971. Many people were killed from the villages like Majhpara, Ramcole and Mathurapur. The pak army set many houses on fire. In an encounter held in November freedom fighters captured a bulk of arms and ammunitions from the Pakistani army. There are four mass graves in Rajbari district.

Main sources of income isAgriculture 60.84%, non-agricultural labourer 3.19%, industry 1.59%, commerce 14.36%, transport and communication 4.41%, service 6.67%. agricultural products are including Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Turmeric, Ground- Nut, Pulses, Oil seeds, Mango, Jack fruit, Onion, garlic, Yam, Black- Berry, Coconut, Palm, Litchi etc.

Average literacy in the district is 39.81%; male 43.66%, female 35.75%. Educational institutions are included 4 vocational training center,21 college, one homeopath college, 99 secondary school, 408 primary school, 13 satellite school 9 community school, 85 mass educations and 42 madrashas.

There are some places in rajbari for tourist attraction. They are like LuxmiKol Royal Palace, Baliakandi Royal Palace, Children Park, Graveyard of writer Mir MosharrofHossain, Dauladia River Port, Rajbari Circuit House, RajbariUddyan Base, Jora Bangla Temple, Sawdagor Mound, Shrine of Shah Palowan, Tomb of Saint Kamal Shah, Dauladia Ferry Ghat  etc.

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